Landscaping - From idea to realization
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About Antiseptica Ltd. Vrtdizajn®

"Lord, give me only two things to fulfill my life:
a garden filled with flowers,a house filled with
books, and I shall be content"
Our primary service is designing, constructing,
maintance of private and public gardens and parks
(of hotels, schools, kindergartens, roof gardens,
hospitals, sport centers, etc.).

Arranging, constructing and maintaining are being
performed by experts with years of experience in
horticulture cooperation with Faculty of Agriculture
and Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb.

Depending on requirements of arranged site we
perform seasonal or regular maintenance. Our team
of men are also performing installation of automatic
irrigation systems.

Past us are many arranged house gardens as
well as public areas in Zagreb and it's countryside!

FACEBOOK   ANTISEPTICA Vrtdizajn - +385 1 62 14 790 or +385 91 / 51 23 141 - info@vrtdizajn.com Design: volantis.hr